Qwoyn Tokenomics

Token economics of the Qwoyn Networkblockchain


The Qwoyn blockchain is a decentralized, application-specific platform for gaming and other services. While active development is focused on the deployment of Cosmic Horizon (a sci-fi trading/strategy MMRPG), the chain and its supportive modules are built to support the future deployment of other games and projects.

The economics of the Qwoyn blockchain are specifically designed with long-term development and stability in mind: to reliably and transparently serve its associated applications and their users. The Qwoyn team has structured the launch to best serve players of Cosmic Horizon and the Qwoyn/CoHo community at large.

Genesis Distribution Summary

Supply Summary


The inflation rate of Qwoyn’s blockchain will begin at the maximum 15% rate and decrease over time via a commonly deployed Cosmos SDK mechanism. That is to say, if more than 67% of the total $QWOYN tokens are bonded (i.e. staked) then the inflation rate will begin its descent toward 7%, over a period of 12 months. Conversely, if at any point the proportion of the blockchain’s bonded tokens fall below 67%, inflation will increase incrementally toward the maximum inflation rate of 30%.

The rate of inflation will decrease over time ensuring that the total number of $QWOYN never exceeds the 21,000,000 $QWOYN. The intervals for inflation adjustment will be updated in a later version of this document.

A portion of inflationary rewards generated by the chain are automatically diverted to the Qwoyn community pool and the in-game bootstrapping module, which is used to support the in-game economy of Cosmic Horizon.

Genesis Allocations


Qwoyn Studios, an LLC registered in the state of Oregon, is raising operating capital by performing a private token sale which will be used to support ongoing development and operating costs, starting with the development and maintenance of the flagship MMRPG game, Cosmic Horizon. Qwoyn Studios has allocated 550,000 $QWOYN tokens for this purpose. In the event not all tokens allocated to this purpose are sold, the remaining tokens will be distributed to non-sale allocations.

Non-Sale Allocations

Non-Sale Allocations will be distributed to a fund managed by Qwoyn Studios with the sole purpose of supporting and enhancing the Cosmic Horizon project. These funds may be applied toward team allocations, marketing, community funding (such as the Crew3 ambassador program), and token swaps with current and future partners.

Qwoyn Network DAO

Following the precedent set by other successful projects in the Cosmos ecosystem, and to further the betterment of society, QWYON Studios will set aside a portion of the genesis mint in a foundation pool. From the genesis mint 1.5M tokens will be distributed to the Qwoyn Foundation, which will in turn be dispersed to various Community Staking DAOs. As the funds are distributed to the individual DAOs they will be permanently locked and only the resulting staking rewards will be available for use. Of the 1.5M tokens, 500K will be stewarded by the Qwoyn Foundation, while the remaining 1M are to be distributed to the Community Staking DAOs.

Community Pool

To support the long-term health of the chain, ten percent of the genesis token supply will be distributed to the Qwoyn Community Pool. This pool will be governed by, owned by, and serve the Qwoyn community. Community governance and on-chain proposals ultimately decide how these funds are spent, but relevant examples could include: protocol-owned liquidity, and grants and bountie aimed at community driven development, improvement, growth and general support of the Qwoyn ecosystem.

Token Swaps

Of the initial 10M genesis tokens, 10% will be distributed as a protocol to protocol distribution i.e. airdrops to mission-aligned Cosmos communities. In addition to attracting users from these communities, each of these projects align strategically with Qwoyn and the gaming community. We anticipate that many of our games will integrate elements of other Cosmos chains to enable or enhance various in-game mechanics and the overall gaming experience. Additionally, there will be one or more airdrops to Cosmic Horizon genesis NFT holders.

Testnet Distributions

This allocation will be distributed to participants in the various Qwoyn testnets, who make up the genesis validator set.


At genesis, much of the token supply will be either temporarily locked or bonded for a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum period of 3 years. Of the genesis tokens, roughly 5% will be distributed to the liquidity bootstrapping pool, which will be used to create the $QWOYN/$COHO liquidity pool and manage the in-game economy of Cosmic Horizon generally. Additionally, of the 1.5M tokens distributed to the Qwoyn Foundation, 1M tokens (or 65% of the Qwoyn Foundations funds) will be permanently locked to serve their respective CSDAOs (Community Staking DAOs) as they are created.

Liqudity and Application Specific Tokens

The Qwoyn blockchain is designed to provide infrastructure for the games and other applications that rely on it. The Qwoyn blockchain aims to maintain stability, predictability and custom modules that enable the functionalities such applications require. To that end Qwoyn Studios plans to rely primarily on a QWYON/stable-coin trading pair for token accessibility, paired with $QYOWN/$appToken to support the liquidity needs of our gamers and token holders. Due to the nature of blockchain, other trading pairs could potentially coexist.

For example, in the case of Cosmic Horizon, the app token will be called $COHO. Of the genesis tokens, roughly 5% will be distributed to the community pool with the express purpose of creating the $QWOYN/$COHO liquidity pool. This creates an easy way for Cosmic Horizon players to enter and exit their $COHO tokens as needed.

Discrete, private liquidity pools composed of $QWOYN and the bank tokens of the applications it hosts enable the transfer of tokens from these applications into $QWOYN, and thus into the greater Cosmos ecosystem. For example, Cosmic Horizon players can utilize such an LP to trade $COHO to $QWOYN, and then the primary $QWOYN/STABLE pool (see below, section 4.1) to turn $QWOYN into an IBC compatible stable coin.

The in-game economy and economics of the Cosmic Horizon token is outlined separately in the Cosmic Horizon In-Game Tokenomics document.

Liquidity Provisioning

$QWOYN tokens will be made available on one or more existing decentralized Cosmos exchanges and will utilize an IBC compatible stable coin as the other half of its primary trading pair. Bridged $USDC is currently available for this purpose from both Gravity Bridge and Axelar, and Circle Internet Financial LTD has announced they will be bringing native USDC to the Cosmos ecosystem in Q1 of 2023.

Utilizing a stable coin as the other half of the $QWOYN trading pair will shield $QWOYN tokens from a degree of the volatility inherent in crypto ecosystems. The Qwoyn blockchain is intended to serve as infrastructure for blockchain gaming and the value of the token is best derived from the utility it brings to the applications it serves. Although there is nothing that precludes other independent liquidity pools from being established on existing DEXs, focusing on providing the deepest liquidity to pools with a $QWOYN/STABLE trading pair is intended to enable its value to be derived from organic token demand, utilization, and utility rather than market-swings and related speculation.

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